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Kitchen Flooring Part II

Your kitchen floor. It’s an aspect of your overall kitchen design you probably spend the least amount of time thinking about. Yet it’s an element that can really make or break the feel of your space. Plus it’s something you’ve probably gotten up close and personal with multiple times when dropping food, or clearing up the sixteenth inevitable spill of the week. Like any part of your design, there are a number of different options to explore, as well as considering what’s best for your chosen aesthetic and how practical the material is. Luckily for your kitchen flooring trends, so we’re going to cover some of the most popular ones in this post and the benefits they can bring to your space.

Screed flooring

The great thing about greys

In many aspects of life, grey is considered a rather drab and lifeless colour, yet when it comes to the design world, it’s one of the most sophisticated shades you can choose. Choosing grey for your kitchen flooring will give your space a unique edge and having grey as the foundation of your room’s colour-scheme will give you a nice neutral base on which you can build from as it goes with just about every other colour. If you really want your design to pop, take advantage of the fact that grey is a cool colour and contrast it with some warmer tones or materials like wood.



Using your kitchen flooring to contrast light and dark colours is very on trend right now. You don’t have to stick with just one colour for your floor as you can opt for a gradient of tiles or pairing dark and light tones next to each other to really make it stand out. Just make sure you use soft monochromatic shades like greys, blacks and whites, or contrasting colours as anything too bright can clash and be a focal point in your design for all the wrong reasons.

You can even do this style with different shades of wooden planks which can work great in more rustic kitchen designs.

Tile kitchen floor

If we wanted to talk about all the ways to use tiles in your kitchen we’d be here all day, so for now we’re just going to highlight one of the more recent trends emerging tile kitchen flooring.

White-washing wood is trending hard right now and that colour choice has hopped over to kitchen floor tiles as well with bright white floors popping up all over the place. This the perfect floor if you’re going for darker materials in your units or worktops as it will create a beautiful contrast.

Having light, shiny tiles will instantly make your space look bigger and brighter, especially if you use larger tiles. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural sunlight, this floor will truly shine.


Rich textured floors with solid colour kitchen cabinet doors

Texture upon texture:

If you floor and your kitchen cabinet doors are all textured you will have an extremely busy kitchen and will date sooner than later.

Wood overkill kitchen

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